Our Contributors

The professionals involved in the creation of our Jumpstart program have been involved in every facet of real estate and bring their years of experience to provide you with the tools and tips necessary to manage your career.


Justin Clark, Esq.

Justin Clark stands as the pioneering force and managing partner behind Justin Clark & Associates, a distinguished law firm in Central Florida, specializing in real estate and civil litigation. His extensive experience across various aspects of the real estate landscape positions him as an invaluable legal contributor to this Course. In addition to steering his law practice, Justin extends his influence to the media realm, serving as a prominent TV show host of three compelling weekly TV shows including “You Have Real Estate with Attorney Justin Clark,” “Best of Central Florida with Justin Clark and Makaila Nichols,” and “Behind The Law.” His multifaceted expertise shines through his legal practice and resonates across the airwaves, establishing him as a prominent voice in both legal circles and the media landscape.

Mortgage Broker

Dallas Lehman

You Have Mortgage (NMLS172835) stands as the esteemed financial ally of the Under One Roof team. Effective communication is the linchpin of every step in the real estate journey. With an on-site broker of Dallas Lehman’s caliber (NMLS1676857), the process maintains its superior quality and unyielding integrity. Leveraging the company’s affiliations, a plethora of tailored programs perfectly suited to the buyer’s unique needs become accessible. Dallas actively contributes to the coordination and production of the weekly real estate TV show, “You Have Real Estate with Attorney Justin Clark,” adding an extra layer of expertise and insight to the team’s endeavors.


Real Estate Broker

Vivian Lehman

Vivian Lehman brings  a treasure trove of experience exceeding two decades within the dynamic domain of real estate.  Vivian’s journey has been a panoramic view of the undulating tides of the economy, granting her a profound and invaluable understanding of how to maneuver and triumph within the real estate industry, regardless of the current market’s temperament. As a vital cog in the machinery of the real estate world, Vivian not only aids in the production of the weekly TV show, “You Have Real Estate with Attorney Justin Clark,” but she also crafts a narrative that educates and empowers individuals, cementing her status as a beacon of knowledge and trust within the industry.

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