Our Contributors

The professionals involved in the creation of our Jumpstart program have been involved in every facet of real estate and bring their years of experience to provide you with the tools and tips necessary to manage your career.


Justin Clark, Esq.

Justin Clark is the founder and managing partner of Justin Clark & Associates. His central Florida law firm covers real estate and civil litigation.  His experience in the many facets of real estate make him invaluable as the legal contributor to this Course. In addition to running his law practice he is also a TV and Radio Personality.  He’s involved with Florida Man Radio (You Have Power Radio with Attorney Justin Clark) and a host of three weekly TV shows (You Have Real Estate with Attorney Justin Clark, Best of Central Florida with Justin Clark and Makaila Nichols and Behind The Law). 

Mortgage Broker

Dallas Lehman

You Have Mortgage (NMLS172835)  is the financial partner of the Under One Roof team. Communication is key throughout the process of the real estate transaction. Having an on-site broker like Dallas Lehman (NMLS1676857) maintains the quality and integrity of the process.  Through the company’s affiliations, they are able to obtain many programs that will fit the buyer’s needs. He assists in the coordination and production of the weekly real estate TV show, “You Have Real Estate with Attorney Justin Clark”.

Real Estate Broker

Vivian Lehman

With 20 plus years of experience in real estate, Vivian focuses on the growth and coordination of the partnerships including residential and commercial real estate brokerage and marketing. Having seen the highs and lows of our economy, her contribution is invaluable when explaining how to navigate and succeed in this industry no matter what the current market condition may be. In addition, she assists in producing the weekly real estate TV show, “You Have Real Estate with Attorney Justin Clark”. 

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